Christmas in Asia ’19

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Dear Friend,

This year we are planning our eleventh Christmas outreach in Asia. During this holiday season, Christmas gifts will be distributed to children who are a part of many of our Hope for Children homes that we have built over the past 10 years, as well as distributed to children in rescue homes that we support on a regular basis. This outreach is a great way for us to share the love of Christ in a practical way and be a blessing to 2,000 children in India, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Will you help us bring Christmas to Asia?

Each gift bag costs $10 and includes toys and practical items needed and requested by the children based on their living situation.

$10 supplies a gift bag for 1 child
$100 supplies gift bags for 10 children
$500 supplies gift bags for 50 children

Total budget needed: $20,000

(2,000 gifts at $10 each)

Gift bags for 2,000 Children

700 children in India
1,000 children in Cambodia
200 children in Thailand
100 children in Myanmar

Help us make a difference in the life of a child this holiday season! You can be a part by making a note in your giving that says, “Christmas in Asia.”


For the Harvest,

Sarah Wehrli

September ’19 Update

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Dear Friend,

God is moving by His Spirit all across the earth, and we wanted to send you a brief update of some recent ministry trips and new projects we have been working on this year.

During June and July I traveled to Peru and Argentina to minister at two different women’s conferences, and God moved in such amazing ways. In Iquitos Peru I was able to partner with our home church Victory, and we participated with the OneNation OneDay national outreach across the country. At the women’s conference we had over 500 women in attendance and over 50 responded to give their lives to Jesus.

In Argentina it was an honor to be with our friends Pastors Omar and Alejandra Cabrera for one of their annual women’s conferences and we had over 5,000 women in attendance. There was a powerful move of the spirit and 1,050 women came forward to receive Christ and many received healing in their bodies. It is always such a privilege to share the Gospel of Jesus and see people respond in faith.

Over the past few months we have been able to send funds to help with projects in Mozambique, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and India.

In Mozambique we have partnered with a longtime missionary who has an orphanage and a school in a remote region of the country, and we are helping to build a new girls home. This project will be completed by the end of 2019.

In Cambodia we are partnering with several churches and individuals to help dig 52 water wells in 52 weeks in remote villages. Currently there have been thirty wells finished, and more will be completed over the next four months. This is a great tool for the local pastors in each village to be a blessing to the people, and then share the message of Jesus with them. Each water well cost 2,000, and is a great tool for the local pastors in each village to be a blessing to the people and share the message of Jesus with them. If you would like to help build a water well designate “water well” with your donation.

We are also working with a missionary in India to help update an orphanage building and provide electricity for over 300 children on their property.

In the next few months we have upcoming projects in Myanmar, Cambodia, and India. We are grateful for your prayers and partnership with this ministry and pray God’s blessings in every area of your life. We realize we cannot do this alone, but together we are making a difference!

For the Harvest,

Sarah Wehrli

This Christmas we will be hosting our annual gift giveaway to over 2,000 children in homes we support in India, Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. Each gift bag will cost $10 and you can make a note on your giving that says “Christmas in Asia” if you’d like to be a part.