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If you feel stuck in survival mode, or feel unsure that you could hear from God, or maybe you have wondered WHY you were put on this earth – Sarah has a number of books to help you thrive in every season of life.

God did not create you to live a life of mediocrity. He made you to flourish!

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EMPOWERED: Understanding the Holy Spirit in this generation

Do we really understand the Holy Spirit? Have we experienced His fullness in this generation?
EMPOWERED is all about understanding and experiencing the Holy Spirit.
Writing from personal experiences and a strong biblical foundation, Caleb explores the value and purpose of what it looks like to partner with the Holy Spirit in our everyday life.
As the church expands globally, the need to understand and operate in the fullness of the Spirit’s power is essential. Only then can we demonstrate Jesus to our broken and hurting world.
This book explores concepts like:
  • His identity: The Holy Spirit is a person.
  • Being led by the Spirit: The Holy Spirit wants to lead us in everything.
  • Receiving the Spirit: The Holy Spirit wants to give you God’s power.
  • Understanding the Spirit’s purpose: The Holy Spirit is on a mission.
  • Partnering with the Spirit: He wants to express His gifts through you.
You are Jesus’ hands and feet in the twenty-first century. But for this revelation to become a reality, our lives must be infused by the Holy Spirit.
As you read this book, you will be EMPOWERED to demonstrate Jesus in this generation.


UNCOMMON: Leadership Lessons from Around the Globe

Our world drastically changed in a matter of a few weeks in March 2020. An invisible pathogen known as COVID-19 rapidly transformed our planet. The results of this global pandemic left our world looking for uncommon solutions to some significant challenges. Yet as believers, we know that the answer to every challenge is still found in the person of Christ and His unchanging Kingdom.
In fact, Hebrews 12:28 tells us that in the face of global shaking one thing remains unshakable, unbreakable, and unmovable Jesus and His Kingdom. Amazingly, this Kingdom has already been deposited inside the hearts of everyone who has surrendered their lives to Jesus (Luke 17:21). This means that despite worldwide uncertainty, whether from Corona or some other challenge, that Christ’s rule and reign inside of us equips you and me with the resources that we need to live uncommon lives.
This looks like embracing a life that places Jesus at the center of everything we do. In other words, Jesus wants to live His life through you! And as we surrender our hearts, He comes to live inside of us and reveal uncommon qualities through us.
Some people think that living this kind of life is only for the spiritual elite of our generation. This is simply not true. Every believer is called to live an uncommon life through Jesus’s presence living inside. This is true no matter our background, education, race or occupation.

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